Why Gliewe?

The SSI Schäfer Group is the wold’s leading solution provider of modular storage and logistic systems. The company employs around 10,000 people at its international headquarters in Neunkirchen, as well as around 80 worldwide operating companies and more than ten production sites in Germany and abroad. Distributed on six continents, SSI Schäfer develops innovative concepts and solutions in the industries of its customers and thus shapes the future of Intralogistik.

“For many years I have been very glad to have Mario Gliewe as a partner who brings boldness and experience to the tasks of developing new products in the field of equipment and finding technical solutions beyond the scope of the catalogues.

His know-how extends far beyond the technical knowledge of a “normal” supplier.”

Peter Hemberger

Leiter Prototyping / SSI-Schäfer – Technologie-Zentrum

Because the team is simply:


Harald Oberlassnig


We have been working with Mr. Gliewe for various years. His experience with our product range, and well as his ability to understand customer’s challenges, is instrumental to our goal of providing the right solutions for the market. His dedication in supplying impartial, transparent and direct feedback to us and our end customers allows Megadyne to maintain a close and direct bond with its endusers, ensuring the success of all parties. We are confident that our continued partnership with Gliewe GmbH will be beneficial for our success in the Austrian Market.

Andreas Lutz
Managing Director

I have known Mario Gliewe for many years.
He is a competent and experienced expert in the field of drive technology.
Among other things, I personally appreciate his reliability and his high level of engagement.

Robert Neudert
Bereichsleiter Hutchinson BDS Industrie

Short delivery times
Deep commitment to solving problems

Karl-Heinz Pflügl
Head of Components Division

Elso’s success with Gliewe GmbH is the result of Mario Gliewe’s high level of engagement.
With his knowledge of the branch and high level of expertise, Mario Gliewe provides us with ideal access to the market.
Working together as partners on equal terms brings not only success, but also enjoyable cooperation to our daily business.  With Gliewe GmbH we also find the values that are important to us of reliability, professional competence and quality.  Gliewe GmbH is for us a strategic partner in cultivating the Austrian market.

Michael Koch
Sales Manager Industrial Applications & Service
ELSO Elbe GmbH & Co. KG