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In any plant, all mechanical elements must add up to the whole. To ensure this, we offer you the best possible variant for your plant from our product portfolio.


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We are contractual partners of the company ESCO coupling technology.

We have been working with Esco since we started our own business. Esco Antriebstechnik GmbH is a clutch manufacturer that has been on the market for more than 50 years. With well over 200 employees in the field of couplings, it implements projects worldwide.


V-belts are drive belts, they have a trapezoidal cross section and are made of rubber with a fabric cord made of textile fibers and are manufactured endlessly.

We offer all well known sizes.
On request, we can also offer you custom-made products. Just ask.

Tooth Belts

If drive systems are to be accelerated or braked with high values and if a precise positioning is be achieved, then tooth belts are essential.
We carry all common brands and each brand with a specially developed form.

We means that we can offer the High Performance Plus version for every HTD , T and AT timing belt. For example in terms of performance, we are at the same level as the GT4 timing belt with the appropriate material mixtures in EPDM (for HTD belt).

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Ribbed Belt

The v-ribbed belt is a further development of the v-belt. The difference is in its different version. Firstly, it is wider than a normal v-belt; secondly, the underside of the ribbed belt is not smooth, it has several ribs. This increases the area of transferrable power. Gear ratios up to 1:60 are also possible. The smallest diameter for the smallest profil PH starts with 8mm.

Conveyor elastic belt

This belt was specially developed for conveyor technology. It differs from the standard v-ripped-belt in its elastic tension member. This means that fixed center distances can be achieved without a clamping unit. Since this belt tension itself and can also maintain this tension for a longer period of time after a certain running-in period. This was an enormous step forward As a result, this belt has revolutionized the conveyor technology, as it can be used to carry greater loads than with conventional PU-round belts.


  • We support from single to series production
  • All known pane types and profiles
  • Made of all known materials
  • – Production according to drawing possible

Clamping Elements

A clamping element is a non-positive shaft hub connection in mechanical engineering These elements connects a hub as sample with a gear shaft, so that a torque can be transmitted between the shaft and the hub. Furthermore, the hub is secured against axial displacement on the shaft.