Gliewe GmbH supplies drive technology components such as toothed belts, Poly V belts, fan and flat belts, cardan shafts, precision shafts DIN 808, torsionally rigid  couplings, mini- and curved-tooth couplings, centrifugal clutches, as well as PM motors, including gears (worm and planetary gears) for the industry.

For me the most important things, as well as functionality, guaranteed quality and cost factors, are reliable cooperation and trustworthiness.  For more than 25 years I have appreciated and loved honesty and I would like to work with you in the future on equal terms.  My competence and my regard for sincere interaction – also in business matters – will pave the way for a successful future for us.


My motto is: “combining experience with competence”.

Balance is crucial.  Important to me are human values, such as reliability, continuity, a spirit of innovation, trustworthiness and flexibility in thinking, as well as in dealing.

In order to offer you the best advice and products of the highest quality, I work together with market leaders operating worldwide.  These have cooperated with me intermittently for more than 25 years.

Some of you have already learnt to know and appreciate my assistance in developing new concepts.

Mario Gliewe


Our employees will support you!



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