What is the Bee-wahrier

The Bee-wahrier is a patent insect life raft. It used in pools, regadless of wheter they are fresh or salt water.

Why a Bee-wahrier

Today’s age, sustainability is very important to all of us. herefore we have spent a lot of time in the last few years to developed an optimal solution for insects drowning in the pool.
Due to the mostly blue shimmering pools, the insects cannot tell whether it is water surface or a possible landing area. The Bee-wahrier helps to collect insects that have fallen into the water. He achieves this with an integrated net attached under the water surface, which makes it easier for the insects to climb up and then they can dry and fly away again. Due to the robust construction, it is also possible that small animals such as mouses and frogs can save themselves if they get lost.

Bee-wahrier at work

How does the Bee-wahrier work

As already mentioned, the Bee-wahrier is a floating raft made of plastic with styrofoam float, which makes it possible to use it as a float. Thanks to a built-in solar apanel and an integrated pump, the Bee-wahrier phuses itself aimlessly through your pool with slight jerking movements. With an integrated net that reaches into the water at the edge, the insects can climb it. Help can by so easy.

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